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Culture_1 - Culture Culture Cultural Anthropology Study of...

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Unformatted text preview: Culture Culture Cultural Anthropology: Study of . . . Cultural Anthropology: Study of . . . ► culture: Learned system of meaning Framework for organizing the world (common sense) ► how cultures differ and resemble one another ► how/why different cultures influence each other ► how cultures change over time Characteristics of Culture Characteristics of Culture ► Symbolic: based on symbols Verbal Non­verbal Learned: enculturation Formal Informal Shared Integrated ► Adaptive: diffusion ► Contested: microcultures ► ► ► Tibean Monk in Katmandu Not a Matter of Style Not a Matter of Style ► Worldview: the fundamental principles and values of a culture a particular cultural practice? ► What is the meaning behind Funeral in Cameroon: ritual ► What assumptions about the world and an individual’s or a community’s place in it does a cultural practice reveal? Anthropological Perspective Anthropological Perspective ► Comparative ► Holistic ► Empirical ► Evolutionary ► Relativistic ►Is it possible to have (universal) human rights and cultural relativity? Culture and ITS Culture and ITS ► ► ► ► Determines social and political identity and consciousness Orders a person’s/group’s priorities Dictates appropriate action and response Provides framework for interpreting the actions/motives of others Problem: Cultural Barriers Desire of governments, businesses and NGOs to influence others often hindered Chinese issues of face or MIAnZI From Sudan to the US: Lost Boys ► Terms/Topics Terms/Topics ► Culture ► Characteristics of Culture ► Worldview ► Why is cultural knowledge important for international relations? ...
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  • Spring '07
  • Copp
  • Katmandu, Anthropological Perspective Anthropological Perspective, Informal Shared Integrated, particular cultural  practice, cultural practice  reveal

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