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Rabbit Troop Steve Beckley, Seta Degann, Andrew Dixon Writing Assignment 6 According to Bohmian mechanics, where an electron goes depends on its position in relation to its wave function. Suppose we have a setup like the one on page 152, where we send black electrons through a hardness box, recombine the hard and soft electrons, and then send them through a color box. According to Bohm, an electron "rides" the wave function, so if we know its initial position we can determine everything else about the electron. When an electron of known color is shot through a hardness box, the wave function travels through both the hard and soft outputs since the color wave function is a superposition of the hard and soft wave functions. In the diagram, we initially have a black electron being shot through a hardness box. If the electron starts out on the "bottom" of the wave function, it will travel through the soft aperture with the soft wave function. Similarly, if the electron is in the "top" of the wave function, it will travel with
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