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Rabbit Troop Steve Beckley, Seta Degann, Andrew Dixon Writing Assignment 7 The purpose of Alain Aspect's experiment was to test the locality/non-locality of quantum mechanics. The experiment was basically this: two electrons are entangled and sent in different directions, and then their spin is measured along one of three different axes (verical, V; left, L; or right, R) and for orientation (up or down). If one takes a literal interpretation of quantum mechanics, and assumes that the up/down values of the spin of the electron are indeterminate from the start of the experiment, the probability the spin orientations of the electrons are different is 1/4.
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Unformatted text preview: If one assumes the values of the orientation are determinate, but unknowable (assumes hidden variable theories are correct), one would expect the electrons to have a different spin at least one third of the time. Aspect's experiment had "weird" results. It revealed that the electrons had different orientations 1/4 of the time, confirming that quantum mechanics is either literally correct, or that hidden variable theories need to be non-local (both conclusions support non-locality) since the experimental evidence implies that one electron affects the other instantaneously....
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