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PSYCH study guide part 1

PSYCH study guide part 1 - rest of the body Phineas Gage 25...

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What is Psychology?  Definition of Psychology : o Systematic study of behavior and experience  Major Philosophical issues: : Free will: belief that behavior is caused by an individuals independent decision making  Determinism: the assumption that everything happens has a cause or determinant in the physical world  Mind-brain problem: How is experience related to the brain? -data from brain imaging research such a PET suggests that brain activity and mental activity are 2 aspects of  the same thing Monism: the view that conscious experience is generated by and therefore is inseparable from the brain Dualism: the belief that the mind is separate from the brain but somehow controls the brain and through it also 
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Unformatted text preview: rest of the body Phineas Gage- 25 year old railroad foreman-accidental explosion drove a tamping iron through his left cheek and out the top of his head-experienced major personality changes (pierced frontal lobe)-was expected to die but lived 11 years after the accident Nature-nurture issue: How do differences in behavior relate to differences in heredity and environment?-are people “bad” by nature or because they were raised that way Psychologists -academic non-medical discipline...
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