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Notes 12.4.08

Notes 12.4.08 - Infancy gospel of James as objectionable...

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Dec. 4, 2008 Mark 101 Son of God Luke 2:7 o Midwife is present o Jerome objected to the presence of midwives because one of the conventions of birth o Says we can’t use infancy gospel of James b/c objectionable A series of photos depicting the story o Says… women giving birth then other women swaddling o But, Mary did the swaddling herself
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Unformatted text preview: Infancy gospel of James as objectionable? • Should be midwife • Right after birth, healed woman’s burning hand o But, John’s gospel notes something else as the first indication of Jesus being special • The people that came into Rome, bringing their stories, couldn’t use gospel of James, so told other stories o A Latin gospel, used in the West, retelling the story of the Infancy Gospel of James o...
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