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Notes 12.2.08

Notes 12.2.08 - December 2,2008 The Infancy Gospel of James...

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December 2,2008 The Infancy Gospel of James Joseph comes into Jerusalem carrying his staff Each one handed out to widowers, last one to Joseph o Bird flies out & lands on Joseph o Priests take that as a sign Joseph responds, embarrassed, that he’d be a laughing stock if he, as an old man, is married to a young girl o Word used for “old man” = someone older than 56 yrs old o So they say that if you don’t marry her, you can become her kyrios Mary receives the task, like the others, of spinning this purple thread o While doing so, she goes to a well for water & hears a man’s voice o She refuses to respond & runs back home While spinning, she hears the voice again o It is Gabriel, informing her that she is going to be the mother of God High priest gives a public affirmation saying… Joseph & Mary return home and decide to travel from Nazareth down to Bethlehem o Joseph knows he can register his sons but not Mary b/c she’s not daughter or wife Half way there, it is time for Mary to give birth o
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