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Notes 11.18.08

Notes 11.18.08 - REL 121g Notes Love Commands 1 The Central...

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November 18, 2008 REL 121g Notes Love Commands 1.) The Central Ethical Command in the New Testament (2) o Command to love God o Command to love your neighbor Synoptics be pious and philanthropic 2.) Love one another o John, 1-2-3 John, Paul, 1 Peter be friends Friendship in Gospel of John Thematic in Gospel of John o Epitomizes his commitment to friendship Even after the death of his friend, Athigoples remains with his friend, at his side Remaining with a friend and not abandoning him is depicted in Gospel of John (Ch. 14) o Depicted somewhat as a problem o Jesus is friend of the disciples,… but very truly I… Jesus leaves his disciples This problem is resolved by after he goes, they are joined by an advocate as his replacement So even though Jesus is leaving, they won’t be missing the presence of God There is a unity of thought that friends share o This unity or identity is picked up in John 14:8 John 3:16 o
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