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Max Gallo Gender Media and Communication Midterm Question 1 “Men and women are still generally subject to different instructions” (Bordo 155). With the more recent realities of stay at home dads and single mothers mainstream America considers gender roles and masculine/feminine ideologies to be a thing of the past. However as Susan Bordo states, men and women are socially pushed to fit into gender stereotypes. From early on boys are taught different things than girls. Boys should be out exploring, getting dirty, and playing games. Girls should be having tea parties with their friends or using their Easy Bake Ovens. As children grow up the instructions get more specific. Boys open doors for girls. Girls cross their legs. Men pay for dinner. Women raise the children. If there is ever confusion as to whom should be doing what, the media will be more than happy to enlighten. Ads for children’s toys will show the viewer who should play with Barbie and who should be using GI-Joe to save Barbie. More adult commercials will show men which car will attract women, and show females which makeup to use to allure male-suitors. What these former boys and girls do not realize is they have unwillingly taken part in constructing clear ideologies by simply playing with toys and interacting as supposed to. It is important to make the assertion that males and masculinity do not go hand in hand. By inherently being male it does not make men masculine. American culture has given a virtual checklist of qualities men must posses to be considered a masculine 1
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male, including body, demeanor, style and speech. However the culmination of this list
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gmc1 - Max Gallo Gender Media and Communication Midterm...

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