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Michigan State University College of Nursing Spring 2008 Week Four Class Topics Nursing care of the family with an Adolescent Nursing care of the child with anorexia/bulimia Nursing care of the child with reproductive disorder Required Readings: Ch. 32 Ch 54 1734-1736 Ch 47 pg 1483-1495 and 1498-1504 Chapter 32 The Family with an Adolescent Objectives: After mastering the contents in this chapter, students should be able to: 1. Describe normal growth and development and common parental concerns of the adolescent period. 2. Assess adolescents for normal growth and development milestones. 3. Identify National Health Goals related to adolescents that nurses could help the nation achieve. 4. Identify areas related to care of adolescents that could benefit from additional nursing research or application of evidence-based practice. 5. Use critical thinking to analyze ways in which the care of an adolescent could be more family-centered. 6. Integrate knowledge of adolescent growth and development with the nursing process to achieve quality maternal and child health nursing care. Implement nursing care related to growth and development or special needs of an adolescent, such as organizing a discussion group on ways to prevent drug abuse. Outline: 1. Nursing Process Overview: neither the parents nor the children coming in routinely for health check ups, only if the child is ill. Be aware the children may be self conscious; they like health assurance and appreciate comments. 2. Nursing Assessment of the Growth and Development of an adolescent: they grow rapidly and mature dramatically during adolescence. a. Physical Growth: major milestones: onset of puberty, cessation of body growth. Physiologic growth and development of adult coordination occur. 1 st growth is mostly in wt (appear stocky) then come thin (appear gangly). Girls 1-2” taller than boys then stop growing w/in 3yrs of menarche. Boys grow 4-12” and gain 15-65lb. Chicas grow 2-8” and gain 15-55lb. Growth stops when the epiphyseal lines of long bones close (g17/18, b18-20). Skeletal system grows faster than the mm, mm grow faster than heart size. B/c heart/lungs grow slower, theres less blood/oxygen and they fatigue faster. (HR70, RR20, BP120/70). Increase in hormones result in acne, more sweating and more body odor. i. Teeth: gain 2 nd rd molars~18-20yrs, but may erupt as early as 14-15 yrs. Jaw reaches adult size at end of adol.
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Stage, there might not be enough room for 3 rd molar so this may cause them pain. ii. Puberty: capable of sexual reproduction, girls menstruate, boy can produce spermatozoa (11-14yrs). iii.
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Week_Four_Student_Objectives - Michigan State University...

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