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Test 4 chapter 13 psy

Test 4 chapter 13 psy - A Mischel’s Cognitive-Affective...

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Derek Tobia December 3, 2008 Study Guide Test 4- Chapter 13 Understanding Human Personality I. Type and Trait Personality Theories A. Categorizing by Types B. Describing with Traits C. Traits and Heritability D. Do Traits Predict Behaviors? E. Evaluation of Type and Trait Theories II. Psychodynamic Theories A. Freudian Psychoanalysis B. Evaluation of Freudian Theory C. Extending Psychodynamic Theories III. Humanistic Theories A. Features of Humanistic Theories B. Evaluation of Humanistic Theories IV. Social-Learning and Cognitive Theories
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Unformatted text preview: A. Mischel’s Cognitive-Affective Personality Theory B. Bandura’s Cognitive Social-Learning Theory C. Cantor’s Social Intelligence Theory D. Evaluation of Social-Learning and Cognitive Theories V. Self Theories A. Dynamic Aspects of Self-Concepts B. Self-Esteem and Self-Presentation C. The Cultural Construction of Self D. Evalutation of Self Theories VI. Comparing Personality Theories VII. Assessing Personality A. Objective Tests B. Projective Tests...
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  • Psychology, Personality Psychology, Theories Psychodynamic Theories, Type and Trait Theories Psychodynamic Theories Freudian Psychoanalysis Evaluation of Freudian Theory Extending Psychodynamic Theories Humanistic Theories Features of Humanistic Theories Evaluation of Humanistic Theories, Theories Humanistic Theories

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