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ch 11 test 3 psy study

ch 11 test 3 psy study - DerekTobia 20 November12,2008 I A...

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Derek Tobia November 12, 2008 Chapter 11- Study Guide Test 3 20% I. Understanding Motivation A. Functions of Motivational Concepts Motivation - The general term for all the processes involved in starting, directing, and maintaining physical and psychological activities. There are 5 basic purposes. 1. To relate biology to behavior - Internal states of deprivation-Hunger- trigger bodily responses that motivate you to take action to restore your body’s balance. 2. To account for behavioral variability- To explain different acts between 2 people when there is no difference- ex- 2 friends equally as smart but one studies and the other doesn’t 3. To infer private states from public acts- To see if an internal cause changes behavior 4. To assign responsibility for actions- To discriminate among the different potential causes of behavior 5. To explain perseverance despite adversity- To help you persist to the best of your ability even when you don’t want to. B. Theories of Motivation 1. Drives and Incentives - If you feel hungry you eat-Tension reduction- In this theory drives - internal states that arise in response to needs and to maintain homeostasis- motivate you to get different incentives - external stimuli or rewards. 2. Reversal Theory - It seeks to explain human motivation in terms of reversals from one to the other of the opposing states. You can’t be serious and playful at the same time 3. Instinctual Behaviors and Learning - Instincts - Preprogrammed tendencies that are essential for the survival of their species.
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