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Derek Tobia November 12, 2008 Chapter 12- Study Guide Test 3 21% I. Emotions A. Theories of Emotion 1. James-Lange Theory of Body Reaction i. James-Lange Theory of Emotion - This theory states that responses precede emotions- not the other way around- you feel after your body reacts. You feel sorry because you cry, angry because you strike, afraid because you tremble. ii. This is the idea of bodily feedback and this theory is considered a peripheralist theory because it assigns the most prominent role in the emotion chain to primitive reactions. 2. Cannon-Bard Theory of Central Neural Processes i. Cannon rejected the James-Lange Theory of Emotion saying that emotion requires that the brain intercede between the input stimulation and the output response. Bard also concluded that visceral reactions were not primary in the emotion sequence. Bard believed an emotion-arousing stimulus has 2 simultaneous effects, causing both bodily arousal via sympathetic nervous system and the subjective experience of emotion via the cortex ii. The ideas were combined in the Cannon-Bard Theory of Emotion - This theory states that an emotion stimulus produces 2 concurrent reactions, arousal and experience of emotion. They do not cause each other. 3. Cognitive Appraisal Theories of Emotion i. Cognitive Appraisal Theory of Emotion - A theory stating that the experience of emotion is the joint effect of physiological arousal and cognitive evaluation, which serves to determine how an ambiguous inner state of arousal will be labeled.
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II. Stress of Living A. Vocabulary 1. Stress - The pattern of responses an organism makes to stimulus events that disturb its equilibrium and tax or exceed its ability to cope. 2.
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psychology test 3 ch 12 - DerekTobia...

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