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Derek Tobia November 12, 2008 Chapter 10- Study Guide Test 3 32% I. Studying Development A. Vocabulary 1. Normative Investigations - They seek to describe a characteristic of a specific age or developmental stage They are used by people to see what an average person is like- in physical appearance, cognitive abilities and so on- at a particular age. 2. Developmental Age - The chronological age at which most people show the particular level of physical or mental development demonstrated by that child 3. Longitudinal Design - The same individuals are repeatedly observed and tested over time, often for many years. These studies are used to find individual differences and researchers may assess a range of potential causal factors to see how those factors influence each life. 4. Cross-Sectional Design - Groups of participants, of different ages, are observed and compared at one and the same time. These are used to draw conclusions about behavioral differences that are related to different ages. II. Cognitive Development Across the Life Span A. Vocabulary- 1. Cognitive Development - The Study of the processes and products of the mind as they emerge and change over item. B. Piaget’s insights into Mental Development 1. Schemes - Mental structures that enable individuals in interpret the world. They are the building blocks of developmental change. Initial schemes- Sensorimotor Intelligence - mental structures or programs that guide sensorimotor sequences. There are 2 basic processes that achieve cognitive growth i. Assimilation -Modifies new environmental information to fit into what is already known; The child accesses existing schemes to structure incoming sensory data ii. Accommodation - Restructures or modifies the child’s existing schemes to that new information is accounted for more completely. 2.
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Ch. 10 test 3 psychol - DerekTobia Chapter10StudyGuideTest3...

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