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MGT 301 Test III

MGT 301 Test III - MGT 301 Test#3 3/25 Page B6 Monday March...

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MGT 301 Test #3 3/25 Page B6 Monday March 24 th “Overseeing more employees with more managers” -Should manage 7-10 people Pepsi’s cookie company in Mexico-teams run themselves-56 employees per boss -generally a correlation of higher pay with more people working under you Monday March 24 th , Page B1 “Executives find ways to keep moving ahead despite economic fears” -Mess on Wall Street has made it hard for companies to get financing -Example, Bear Sterns Things you can do…. 1.Seize the opportunities while you can (J.P. Morgan offers to buy for $2 a share), then offered to pay 5 fold 2.Look overseas, and go global 3.Keep debt low, Cash is King 4. Network -get you resume on the street, (Holbein feels the cover letter is more important than resume Wayne Duignan, director of sales for Cleveland based Verizon’s-Warren Buffet, historically great investor – “ Be brave when others are scared and, be scared when others feel brave Page D4 – Tuesday March 25 th -Career Journal of Jungle -Help is increasing for partners of re-located workers What to do if you decide to make a change or plans and go somewhere else 1. Discuss the tough news well in advance so people don’t get blindsided 2. Give them plenty of time to adjust, but also involve them in the process -45% of companies provide support for spouses who have to relocate- Ex. Merril Lynch - Motivation- a person’s individual psychological state that influences the direction, the effort, and the persistence that someone puts into their work 1. Direction-to be on task 2. Effort
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3. Persistence-not giving up in the face of an obstacle - Intrinsic Motivation- behavior that is performed for its own sake, the source of it comes from actually engaging in the behavior, a sense of accomplishment and achievement are derived from doing the work itself - Extrinsic Motivation- behavior that is performed to acquire something or to avoid something. The consequences of the behavior are what is motivating. -As a manager you want to enhance the extrinsic motivation of your
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MGT 301 Test III - MGT 301 Test#3 3/25 Page B6 Monday March...

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