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Final IDs and Time Periods

Final IDs and Time Periods - Blacklist Great Society*Please...

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**Here are the 15 IDs you need to study for; 9 will appear on the final, you will write on 2. Brown vs Board of Education Gulf of Tonkin Mississippi Summer Freedom Project HUAC Malcolm X ERA Kelly Longitudinal Study (KLS) Watergate Backlash of 1980s Grapes of Wrath Salt of the Earth Port Huron Statement Blaxploitation films
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Unformatted text preview: Blacklist Great Society ***Please note there was one change in the time periods, I combined 2 & 3 (1) The Depression and New Deal (2) World War II, Post War America, and Cold War (4) Civil Rights movement (5) Vietnam war (6) Women's Movement, Feminism and Backlash (7) Reagan Era and Conservative Revolution...
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