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Log Bibliographies Log #1 Wingfield, M. (2007, September 6). Apple Price Cut On New iPhone Shakes Investors. The Wall Street Journal pp. A1, A10 Log #2 Casey, Nicholus, Zomiska, Nicholas, Pasztor, Andy. (2007, September 22-23). Mattel Seeks to Placate China With Apology on Toys. The Wall Street Journal pp. A1, A7 Log #3 Valcourt, Josee. (2007, October 12) At Chrysler, UAW Saves Mopar Jobs, May Face
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Unformatted text preview: Cuts. The Wall Street Journal pp. A10 Log #4 Ruan, Victoria. (2007, October 15) Chrysler Takes Aim at China’s Small-Car Market. The Wall Street Journal pp. A9 Log #5 Campoy, Ana. (2007, October 10) Chevron Expects Refining Margins to Hurt Profit. The Wall Street Journal pp. A2...
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