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As of 8/22/17 Online Career Course Instructors: Pauline Ma, Nicola Daniel, Evan Klondar Eligible Students: All students in MFin and MQF programs Recorded Video Lectures (via Canvas Course) # Lecture Title Topics Instructor Length MODULE 0: Introduction 0.1 Course Goals & Expectations Learning objectives and policies Differences in the U.S. job search vs. home country Hard skills vs. Soft skills Pauline 6:39 MODULE 1: Choosing a Finance Career Path 1.1 Visa Goals and Plan ABC Importance of developing precise career goals Categories of visa options Defining a Plan ABC and examples Pauline 12:31 1.2 Researching Finance Careers Narrowing down your job search What resources to access to conduct your job search How to start evaluating whether a job function is right for you Nicola 12:34 1.3 17 Finance Functions Difference between a finance and an industry Broad differences between finance functions based on impact to bottom line and types of customers Pauline 12:40
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