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1 NAME: __________________________________ ID: _________________________ RNR 200 MID-TERM EXAM Fall 2003 Instructors: Multiple Choice: Circle the response that best answers the question. (Two points each: total of 22) 1. Leopold’s writings often portray plants, animals and landscapes as having very “human’ characteristics. Ascribing human form or attributes to things not human is known as a. Anthropocentrism (anthropocentric) b. Anthropomorphism (anthropomorphic) c. Homeocentrism (homeocentric) d. Homeomorphism (homeomorphic) e. Anthopogenism (anthropogenic) 2. The Forest Service is located in which federal department? a. Commerce b. Agriculture c. Interior d. Defense e. None of the above 3. A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise. a. The Land Ethic b. Golden rule of ecology c. Conservation Esthetic d. None of the above 4. Who is the Director of the School of Renewable Natural Resources at the University of Arizona and what is his background? a. Dr. Pat Reid, Forestry b. Dr. Pat Reid, Wildlife Biology c. Dr. Bill Matter, Fisheries d. Dr. Bill Matter, Forestry e. Dr. Eugene Sander, Watershed/Hydrology 5. Historical overexploitation of resources affected many species and ecosystems. Which of the following were rendered extinct through early overexploitation? a. Red-cockaded woodpecker b. Western Bison c. Passenger pigeon d. All of the above e. None of the above f. A and B g. B and C
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2 6. Where would you go to learn about the career paths of some prominent people in ecology and natural resources management (i.e. where they went to school, what degrees they obtained, what influenced them to pursue careers in ecology and natural resources management, what kinds of job experiences they had, what strategies they used to get where they are today, etc.)? a. The Wildlife Society’s web page called ‘Focus on Ecologists’ b. The Society of Conservation Biology web page called ‘Careers in Ecology and Natural Resources Management’ c. The ‘Careers in Natural Resources Management’ Reference Desk at the UA Science
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exam_1_2003 - NAME: _ ID: _ RNR 200 MID-TERM EXAM Fall 2003...

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