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exam_1_2004 - NAME ID RNR 200 MID-TERM EXAM Fall 2004...

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1 NAME: __________________________________ ID: _________________________ RNR 200 MID-TERM EXAM Fall 2004 Instructors: Steve Archer & Laura Tanzer Multiple Choice: Circle the response that best answers the question. (Two points each) 1. Leopold’s writings often portray plants, animals and landscapes as having very “human’ characteristics. Ascribing human form or attributes to things not human is known as a. Anthropocentrism (anthropocentric) b. Anthropomorphism (anthropomorphic) c. Homeocentrism (homeocentric) d. Homeomorphism (homeomorphic) e. Anthopogenism (anthropogenic) 2. The Preemption Act was one of the first of what we call the ‘Land’ Acts. To whom did it give rights, and why? 3. Ecosystems are a. Closed b. Open c. May be open or closed depending on the situation (.e.g an island) d. Static 4. An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) demands what from an agency’s proposed project? 5. ___________________________________ refers to the dynamics or behaviours of ecosystems that occur when their components interact
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2 6. Where would you go to learn about the career paths of some prominent people in ecology and natural resources management (i.e. where they went to school, what degrees they
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