exam_2_05 - NAME: _ ID: _ RNR 200 FINAL EXAM a. BLM a. BIA...

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1 NAME: __________________________________ ID: _________________________ RNR 200 FINAL EXAM Fall 2005 100 points total a. BLM d. USFWS g. NPS a. BIA e. USFS h. DOI a. NRCS f. USGS Put the letter that corresponds to a given agency in the list above in the spaces associated with the statements below; some agencies may be used more than once. Print clearly! 2 points each _____1.This agency was originally known as the ‘Grazing Service’ which was formed with the 1934 Taylor Grazing Act. 2.The agency known as the Soil Conservation Service until 1994: _____3.This is primarily a scientific research agency, with few management or regulatory responsibilities. 4. The agency that manages the National Grasslands 5. The agency that deals primarily with conservation and management of private lands 6. The agency that manages the greatest acreage of public land 7. The agency that maintains a standardized plant information database that includes names, distributions, images, and references about species characteristics. Match the names in the list below with an appropriate phrase (2 points each): a. Howard Zahnizer _____ 8. USGS, Colorado River b. Giffort Pinchot _____ 9. Hetch Hetchy c. Teddy Roosevelt _____ 10. Dust Bowl, soil erosion d. Stephen Mather ____ 11. Progressive Conservation; USFS e. Bob Marshall _____ 12. NPS Director f. Hugh Bennett g. John Muir h. Aldo Leopold i. John Wesley Powell ___ 13. Desertification is a. The degradation of land in arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid areas b. Caused primarily by human activities and climatic variation c. Occurs because dryland ecosystems are highlyvulnerable to inappropriate land use d. Often the result of poverty, political instability, overgrazing, deforestation or bad irrigation practices e. All of the above ___ 14. __________ change refers to changes caused by or related to human activities a. homeocentric d. deleterious b. anthropomorphic e. anthropogenic c. homeogenic ___ 15. The _________ Act allowed the federal government to purchase waterhshed lands at the headwaters of navigable streams and create national forests in the eastern USA; and facilitated cooperation between the USFS and States in managing fire.
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exam_2_05 - NAME: _ ID: _ RNR 200 FINAL EXAM a. BLM a. BIA...

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