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1 RNR 200 FINAL EXAM Fall 2007 100 points total NAME: __________________________________ ID: _________________________ Multiple Choice. Circle the letter denoting the best answer 1. What radical environmental group(s) did Edward Abbey’s writings inspire? a. Earth First c. Green Peace b. The Sierra Club d. All of the above 2. The ‘Mission 66 Program’ was a. an effort by the NPS to promote visitation to National Parks b. instigated by the USFS as part of the healthy forests initiative c. developed by environmental advocates to advocate passage of the Wilderness Act in 1966 d. an attempt to get livestock removed from federal lands 3. Which one of the following choices does NOT directly influence climate change? a. Aerosols c. Acid precipitation b. Greenhouse gases d. Land-use change 4. Tamarisk, or salt cedar, was introduced from Eurasia to the West to be used as: a. Riparian habitat for endangered birds b. Windbreaks and erosion stabilizers c. Fuelwood for heating and cooking d. All of the above 5. One approach for assessing ‘ecosystem goods and services’ and man’s impacts on them that we discussed class was the use of: a. public opinion polls d. spider diagrams b. polling of natural resource professionals e. venn diagrams c. NGOs 6. Which of the following reasons have contributed to world population growth? a. Increased life expectancy c. Industrial revolution b. Decreased war and famine d. All of the above 7. This NGO was instrumental in getting forest reserves set aside in the early 1900s and in facilitating the creation of an agency to manage them (an agency which eventually became the USFS): a. Pope and Young Club d. Earth First b. Boone and Crockett Club e. Sonoran Institute c. Sierra Club 8. The name of the site being proposed as a nuclear waste storage facility within the state of Nevada a. Yucca Mountain d. Reno Mountain Preserve b. Elephant Butte e. Hoover Salt Dome c. Neavada Test Site
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2 9. The BLM traces its origins back to: a. The Taylor Grazing Act of 1976 d. The Hatch Act of 1889 b. The Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 e. The Weeks Act of 1911 c. The Homestead Act of 1862 10. Which of the following was highlighted in the Grand Challenges report as a specific area of concern: a. Global warming c. Changes in climate variability b. Shifts in mean climatic conditions d. Changes in seasonality 11. NGOs seek to a. aid, publicize and further particular interests or causes b. devote research and serious thought to certain interests and disciplines c. serve as watch dogs to make sure government agencies stay on task d. partner with government agencies to improve how resource management and policy implementation e. all of the above 12. Which one of the following choices is NOT one of the three major anthropogenic greenhouse gases?
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exam_2_07 - RNR 200 FINAL EXAM Fall 2007 100 points total...

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