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exam_2_2003 - NAME ID RNR 200 FINAL EXAM Fall 2003...

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NAME: __________________________________ ID: _________________________ RNR 200 FINAL EXAM Fall 2003 Instructors: Steve Archer & Laura Tanzer Multiple Choice: Circle the response that best answers the question. (Two points each: total of 30) 1. The founders of the USA had several reasons for aggressive pursuit of settlement across the continent. Which of the following were included in those reasons: a. Search for resources b. Pay off debts c. Ward off aggressors d. Only a and c e. All of the above f. Only b and c 2. Which of the following is true about the US Forest Service: 3. The US Geological Service was established in 1879 as a science and research agency. Its mission is to provide reliable scientific information to: 4. This federal agency deals primarily with conservation and management of private lands 5. Who espoused an ‘ecosophy’ that required followers to think about their values and to act on them? a. Peter Max b. Barry Commoner c. Arne Naess d. Garrett Hardin e. None of the above 6. Which federal land management agency typically has as its head, a purely political appointee who has not ‘come up’ through the agency ranks?
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