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Scientific Methods Naturalistic Observation Discovery of REM sleep Systematic Assessment MSLT (measures alertness) MBTI (measures personality) Experimental Manipulation – considered the real science The Milgram Experiment Smoke filled room Whats the best method? The one that’s the most appropriate Naturalistic is a good method because it studies real life However does it measure things like ESP? Systematic Assessment SATS, LSATS, etc. are reliable but are hey good predictors of success in a a career Experimental Assesment Easy to control variables but does it apply to real life Naturalistic Observation See what happens in the natural undisturbed state. Limited to observable behaviors Great for gathering hypotheses to be tested under controlled variables There are some rules to Naturalisic Observation 1. you must observe a representative sample of Ss if you wish to generalize your findings to a larger population a. What would be rep. Sample? If the world were 100 people: i. 60 Asians
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08 Notes - ScientificMethods NaturalisticObservation...

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