08 Notes - It measures seven personality styles-predicts...

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A Father Goose Tale When would we ever apply the experiment where humans or wooden decoys become parents -Trumpeter swans in Canada are becoming extinct They need to learn how to migrate; we can use imprinting to teach them how to migrate - They used micro light aircraft Naturalistic Observations Disadvantages 1. Difficult to observe everything 2. What do secondary records omit? If you weren’t there yourself, you don’t know 3. Causes of behavior difficult to ascertain b/c there are so many possibilities 4. Inappropriate for studying cognitive processes Cause-effect Relationships August 9, 1966 NYC: record birthrates Nine months earlier there was a huge blackout.—what else could people do besides have sex with each other Boston: the broken chandelier Yellowstone So we have to turn to systematic assessment We do this through personality tests and public opinion surveys Bell Personality Test- Performer, Achiever, Commander, Avoider, Attacker, Pleaser,
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Unformatted text preview: It measures seven personality styles -predicts successful adjustment in friendship, marriage, sex, parenting, careers-The assumption is that we have consistent styles of being and don’t change these traits because of situatoin-found this through interviews Bell Personality Test Can predict marriages-Attacker tends to marry the pleaser. The best marriages are the ones with the same personality-We have an unconscious desire to be the opposite of what we are o Take a look at her mother or his father-Dr. Bell says this could be a good indicator or your sexual behavior-Can Predict Job Placement What’s your favorite breed of dog? Three scientific questions we need to ask 1. Is it reliable – does it measure consistently—if you take the SAT multiple times will you always get the same score (assuming no Kaplan 2. Is it valid? – Does it predict; does it measure what it says it will measure...
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08 Notes - It measures seven personality styles-predicts...

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