08 Notes - HypnoticSusceptibilitytest Handshake...

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Hypnotic Susceptibility test Handshake Did you have imaginary playmate Do you get totally engrossed in novels Visual scanning tests The Harvard scale The creative imagination scale “Think, feel or imagine” Dangers of Hypnosis (imagined) Stuck in a trance There’s no way to be stuck in a tranc—very very rare. Tired and upset Does not make you tired or upset unless hypnotist suggests u will be tired and upset Emotionally unstable Not true! Dangers of Hypnosis (Real) You make a physiological response If you tell them they are on the edge of the Grand Canon and you give them a push they could get a heart attack Someone peed his pants after imagining he was drinking Release of traumatic material If they suppress a bad memory it could come back Misdiagnosis and mistreatment of illness Migraine headaches—you might hypnotize someone but really it could be a brain tumor and hypnosis will not get rid of that tumor Dependent personality Side effects: headaches, axiety, dizziness loss of attention and memory
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08 Notes - HypnoticSusceptibilitytest Handshake...

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