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Operant Conditioning Occurs much more often than classical conditioning Occurs when a species does something to the environment and if it has a favorable outcome, it will recur Fish pellets in the shade—fish had to make a response “Law of Effect” if a response is followed by a satisfying outcome it will recur Skinner said all we have to look at observable behavior. We don’t have to know the what the animals thinking Operant Conditioning B.F. Skinnger CS Piano ----- CR Practice IF you want a kid to practice the piano, you have to reward practice RR Theory – build a relationship between response and reinforcement Skinner created a box whereby pigeons had to hit a button with their beak and food would drop. Soon the pigeons learned to hit the button to get more food Raccoons could learn to play basketball, pigeons could play ping pong but there are biological limitations to what each species can do.
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08 Notes - OperantConditioning...

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