08 - GeschwindssyndromethisisthebestclassificationforVanGogh

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Geschwind’s syndrome—this is the best classification for Van Gogh A form of temporal lobe epilepsy Between seizures- a severe personality disorder with periodic aggression, paranoia, hallucinations Hyperreligiosity – lay preacher Confused sexual identity Hypergraphia- 200 paintings, 200 drawings, 100 letters in 15 months Psychiatry Optimal Adjustment 1. Positive attitude toward oneself a. I’m an okay person 2. Continued growth and development a. Never satisfied; always looking for opportunities to improve 3. Autonomous—inner directed a. They don’t do what their parents say they “ought” to do; they march to the beat of their own drum 4. Accurate perception of reality a. Look at things realistically 5. Competence at life’s tasks 6. Satisfying relationships Life is sometimes less than optimal Conflicts – Double approach avoidance Person is in the middle; approach is on both sides with a positive outcome on both sides Approach Avoidance Approach toward positive and approach toward negative outcome
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08 - GeschwindssyndromethisisthebestclassificationforVanGogh

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