Precept 8 Solar Energy

Precept 8 Solar Energy - 2 area PV collector in NJ and FL...

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School of Engineering MAE 228 Energy Solutions for the Next Century Precept November 14,2008 The Rise of Renewable Energy. Kammen, Daniel M. . Scientific American, September 2006, Vol. 295 Issue 3, p84, 10p 1. What are the daily electricity demands for a family of 4 during different seasons of the year in NJ and FL or CA? 2. What are the daily amounts of solar radiation received in NJ and FL or CA? 3. How much electrical energy could be generated using a 10 m
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Unformatted text preview: 2 area PV collector in NJ and FL or CA for units with 5% and 15% efficiency? 4. How much would such PV systems cost? 5. How much hot water at 45 C could be produced with 10 m 2 solar heaters in NJ and FL or CA? How much would such a system cost? You can use the web to get estimates of these from different companies that sell solar power units. Sketch out your calculations for these costs. We will compare the estimates that you get in precept on Friday....
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