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Final Exam Study Guide West European Auteurs Fellini o 8 1/2 1. About a film director named Guido (represents himself) who is suffering a creative block as he was making his large-scale production film 2. Nightmares, fantasies, and flashback 3. Realizes the film will never be made 4. Major characters in the directors life link hands and dance around the time of a circus ring while Guido stands in the middle and direct them through a megaphone Named because it was his eighth-and-a-half film Won many international awards Been called a twentieth-century version of Dante’s Inferno o “Life is like an absurd circus and I am the ringmaster” Luis Bunuel o The Phantom of Liberty o Un Chien Andalou o Diary of a Chamber Maid o Belle de Jour Young housewife decides to spend afternoon as a hooker. o Hates capitalism and religion esp. Catholicism– uses film to mock them El - impotent man became insanely jealous of his bride and tried to suture her vagina. She runs away and he became a monk. Wife visits him in church and found he is as lunatic as before. Nazarin Viridiana Bunuel’s ultimate insult to Christianity. Woman was supposed to become a nun. She visits an uncle she barely knew; Viridian resembled the uncle’s wife so he drugged her and almost raped her. At the end she decided not to be nun. Movie was a practical joke on the fascist state that permitted its production. The Spanish authorities attempted to destroy copies but it was too late (p. 574). El angel exterminador insult to bourgeois morality. Wealthy people trapped in a room where it became more like a concentration camp.
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Bergman o The Seventh Seal Established Bergman as an important artist. Poetic allegory of a medieval knight caught up in a losing chess match with Death Evoked the Middle Ages and posed the first series of metaphysical questions about relationship of man to God, a theme that was to occupy him for a decade (p.559) o Wild Strawberries His greatest work. Constructed around dreams and memories Borg’s journey forced him to confront all that he has been and become to his family and himself in the course of his life. Shots from present to past and back again. Then both time frames
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DDA Final ExamTFM - Final Exam Study Guide West European...

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