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Experiment #6 Soap from Nutmeg Laboratory Notebook : You need to summarize your experimental plan in your lab notebook. Be sure to include a table of all reagents and compounds that will be used in this experiment. Laboratory Observations: Be sure to record any observations during the laboratory. You must record exactly how much of the starting materials you started with and the weight of the isolated product. Results and Conclusions : Calculate a % recovery for the isolation and a % yield for the reaction. Relevant Reading: Technique 14, Carrying Out Typical Reactions, pp 153-162, with particular attention to 14.2, pp 154-156. Background: Soaps are fatty acid alkali metal salts using linear aliphatic carboxylic acids of from ten to eighteen carbon atoms, the hydrocarbon chain being oil soluble and the carboxylate ion end water-soluble. The number of carbon atoms in the chain is very important for the utilization of a soap in cleaning: if it is less than ten carbon atoms, it will not cause emulsification of oil and if more than eighteen carbon atoms are present, the salt is not sufficiently soluble in water to form an adequate colloidal solution. Soaps are usually obtained by saponification (basic hydrolysis) of commercially available triglycerides (fats and oils) and their preparation dates back more than five thousand years. Trimyristin (glyceryl trimyristate) is a triglyceride easily obtained from
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This note was uploaded on 12/17/2008 for the course CHEM 2510 taught by Professor Russo,s during the Fall '07 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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Chemistry_2510_Nutmeg_F_2008 - Chemistry 2510 Soap from...

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