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C2510_Extractions_2008 - Chemistry 2510 Introduction to...

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Chemistry 2510 Introduction to Experimental Organic Chemistry Fall 2008 Experiment #2 Extraction and Washing Laboratory Notebook : You need to summarize your experimental plan in your lab notebook. Be sure to include a table of all reagents and compounds that will be used in this experiment, including safety hazards, physical constants, and other important properties for each. Laboratory Observations: Be sure to record any observations during the laboratory. You must record exactly how much of the starting materials you started with and the weight of the isolated product. Results and Conclusions : Calculate a % recovery and determine purity of samples. Relevant Reading: Technique 3, Extraction, pp 49—70, Technique 4, Drying Organic Solutions, pp 71-75 and Technique 10, Refractive Index, pp 115-118. Part A: Extraction of a Non-Polar Organic Liquid from Water Pentadecane O tert -Butyl methyl ether Procedure: Trial 1: 1. Place 5.0 g of pentadecane and 25 mL of water in your separatory funnel. 2. Shake the separatory funnel to mix the layers. 3. Allow the layers to separate. 4. Drain the aqueous layer and collect the pentadecane in a tared container. (How do you know which layer is which?) If any water droplets are present in the organic layer, remove them with a pasteur pipet.
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