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eraserhead revised - Michael Lindman 11/4/07 Eraserhead...

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Michael Lindman 11/4/07 Eraserhead Sitting through a dull movie is challenging, and if a person can make it through Eraserhead then the person must have the patience of a saint. The movie was made in 1976 and is directed by David Lynch. It portrays a man’s life but has no real plot, just a series of incidents that this man, Henry (Jack Nance), must go through. Henry seems to have a partner whose name is Mary (Charlotte Stewart) and the two have produced offspring that takes the form of an eerie alien baby. Although the movie has a few creepy and slightly interesting scenes, the struggle to make it through the movie in its entirety without falling asleep borders the impossible. I do not recommend renting this movie for a night of fun and enjoyment, because all the viewer is left with, if he or she makes it to the end of the movie without falling asleep, are the thoughts of what just happened? What was this movie about? And why did I just waste two hours of my life watching this movie? The film shows a man, Henry, and his terrible life in regards to his life-style and his family. He has a terrible relationship with his lover Mary and her entire strange side of the family. The two have an alien baby in which Henry does not seem to care about or know what to do with. The alien baby creates the most disturbing images of the film and the baby presents the main conflict and power struggle of the film. Henry seems to be ashamed and scared of the baby; and never tries to go near it until the end of the film. The baby is an offspring of Henry and Mary’s, and it should be a human baby. Instead it is a
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eraserhead revised - Michael Lindman 11/4/07 Eraserhead...

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