syl_eco105 - Statistics Economics 105 Davidson College Aug...

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Unformatted text preview: Statistics ( Economics 105) Davidson College Aug – Dec 2008 S YLLABUS Instructor: Mark C. Foley Office: Chambers 3140 Class hours: 10-11 15 or 2 30-3 45 Tue-Thur Lab hours: 9 30-10 45 or 11-12 15 or 12 30-1 45 or 2-3 15 , Friday Office hours: 9 30-11 30 MF, 11 15-11 45 TR & by appointment Location: Chambers 3155 (labs in Language Resource Center) Phone: 704.894.2248 (home 704.987.1522) URL: Email: [email protected] Course Description The central themes of this course are basic probability and statistical theory and how quantitative information can be summarized and analyzed to inform business and economic decisions. Topics to be covered include probability, sampling, estimation, hypothesis testing, and simple and multiple regression analysis. Computer software ( Excel ) will be used extensively to illustrate and reinforce the concepts and conduct data analysis. Required Texts Basic Business Statistics: Concepts and Applications , 10 th edition, by Berenson, Levine, and Krehbiel, (Prentice-Hall, 2006; ISBN=0-13-167831-0) Note: there is a new 11 th edition of this text, but we will be using the 10 th . Learning Business Statistics with Microsoft Excel 2008 , by John L. Neufeld (Available from me.) Prerequisites None. Course Requirements There are two lectures and one lab session each week. There will be weekly lab assignments, graded homeworks, three reviews, a modeling exercise, and an independent project, which includes an oral presentation and regression analysis paper. In the project, you will apply regression analysis, the most commonly used tool of empirical economics, to a topic of your choice. The goal is to describe the relationship between a dependent variable and two independent variables in the format of a professional study. Separate handouts describing the regression analysis paper and the modeling exercise will be distributed in class. The graded homework assignments are usually a problem from the end of the textbook chapters. They are open-textbook, open-lab manual, open-notes, with the use of calculators and Excel permitted. You may do them as part of a study group, which I encourage, but each student must write up their own answers, and give credit to others by indicating who participated. The graded homework assignments, to be turned in at the beginning of each class, will be evaluated as follows: 5 = Entirely correct and complete. Turned in on time. Requires showing all of your work....
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syl_eco105 - Statistics Economics 105 Davidson College Aug...

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