Midterm_256 - CS256 Midterm (100 points) Fall 2008...

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CS256 Midterm (100 points) Fall 2008 Name____Suggested solution, for your reference only.________________ Note: This is a closed book test, however, you may use computers in CS Lab 8-52 – not your personal computers. You must take it in CS Lab 8-52, i.e. you cannot take it at home or other places. 1. (15 points) Enumeration type. (a) Define a enumeration type Month to establish relationship between the following: January 1 February 2 December 12 (b) Define an operator function + which will take two parameters: a Month m and an integer val , and will return a Month which is val months ahead. For example, if the month m is October, and the val is 5, the function should return March. enum Month {January = 1, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December}; Month operator+ (Month m, int val) { int im; Month new; switch (m) { case January: im = 1; break; case February: im = 2; break; case December: im = 12; } im = (im+val)%12; if (im == 0) im = 12; switch(im) { case 1: new= January; break; case 2: new = February; break; case 12: new = December; break; } return new; }
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2. (15 points) Is there anything wrong with the following program? If yes, try to correct it. If no, what is the output? (Note: this problem will be explained in the lecture. Solution omitted here.) (a) int a[5]={1,2,3,4,5}; int *ptr; ptr=*(&a+2); ptr=ptr+2; cout << *ptr << endl; (b) char *a = new char (‘A’); delete [] a; (c) char *str; strcpy (str, “hello”); 3. (15 points) Write two versions of
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Midterm_256 - CS256 Midterm (100 points) Fall 2008...

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