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narrative story - Michael Lindman Signing Day"I'm packin...

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Michael Lindman 9/5/07 Signing Day “I’m packin’ heat, everyone stay the fuck away or I will pop a cap!” yelled T-rok as he ran to his car and screeched away from the party. These were some of the scariest words I have ever heard. A bunch of my friends had just signed Division I football scholarships and all we were trying to do was have a good time, but something like this had to happen. I live in a football driven community, one of those types of towns that you see in movies where the entire town shuts down every Friday night to attend the high school football games. Late April is an important time of month in my town because it is usually when all of the football players decide where they will be playing football next year. Being a senior, it was my turn to watch my friends sign scholarships. All of my friends had decided to sign their scholarships on the same day and we would go have a party that night. The night was picked for the last Saturday in April. On the morning of that Saturday, I walk into Marshall’s living room to see Marshall, a kid so dark that you can not see him at night unless he has his eyes opened or is smiling, sitting there with his shirt off and a USC hat on. “I’m going to be a Trojan next year!” he said excitedly. “That’s insane,” I said joyously, “I can’t wait to watch you on TV next year!” What’s the deal with everyone else I asked? “Mike is going to Texas A & M, Gildon and Casey are both going to Oregon, Cory, is going to Boise State, Duke is going to Florida, Joe is going to Utah, Marc is coming to SC with me and you obviously saw Jimmy I’m assuming (Jimmy made his
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announcement on ESPN) , hes going to Notre Dame if you didn’t already know,” responded Marshall excitedly. “That’s sick that you and Marc get to play together next year!” I said, “So what’s the deal with the party tonight?” “We’re going to have it at Ali’s, she’s totally cool with it, she asked her Dad and everything and he said as long as it’s all kids that we know everything is fine; I guess he’s really excited for us too!” explained Marshall. Ali is one of those girls who is not extremely attractive but she is a very cool person, she is basically one of the guys. She lives in a mansion in Malibu, the house is a perfect spot for a perfect party, it was big it had plenty of space for all my friends, and her dad helped provide the alcohol, which was
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narrative story - Michael Lindman Signing Day"I'm packin...

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