ISB202-1 - ISB 202 01/08/08 Science comes from Latin word,...

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ISB 202 01/08/08 Science comes from Latin word, scientia- meaning “to know” Religion - Believe Science - Prove Def: Body of Knowledge A Process/ A way of learning Scientist do research using the Scientific Method Five Steps: 1. Observation 2. Question 3. Hypothesis 4. Experiment to test hypothesis (variables must be controlled) Conclusion may be based on inductive or deductive Reasoning: Inductive: Goes from small to large Deductive: Large to small (assumes specifies from generalalities) News: Drunken Flys get hypersexual, heavy boozing caused fruit flys to go into a lusty haze A. Uneducated people often believe more easily than educated people B. Sex hormones are built from cholesterol 1. Cholesterol is a steroid 2. Cholesterol is a component of cellular membranes C. People are afraid of the unknown/ creatures of habit D. Science knowledge doubles in less than 5 years 1. “Modern” history of technology a. Electronics Revolution- Transistor Invented (Bell Labs) 1. the transistor allowed things to be miniaturized, allowed for “space age” technology 2. Computers were made, but rare in the 80’s b. Biotechnological Revolution 3. In 1920’s “Biotechnology” came into world, discovered enzyme could be cut out of a single gene; allowed isolation and movement of a single gene for a specific trait **Genes Make Proteins 4. Glow in the dark tobacco was first cross breed using biotechnology **Eugenics- Branch of science dealing with making the perfect organism 5. Biotechnology Breakthroughs
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a. Human growth hormone (HGH)- 1980’s b. HGH came from pituitary glands of dead people c. Another example- Vitamin A in rice d. Brown rice has outside tannic, eat too much get tannic poisoning e. Asians who lack vitamin A go blind f. ‘Pharming’ is a growing industry putting genes into 1/10/08 Science Headlines A. Vole- Mouse w/o tail B. Researchers found way to turn promiscuous animals into monogamous ones C. Meadow voles are loners who pay the field, changed by inserting a single gene that changed the pleasure centre in their brains D. Prairie voles are committed E. Human males have hormone vasopressin in the brain, acts similar to vole’s F. Monogamy w/ animals mean committing to relationships, but take advantage of sexual play A. Get an extra 14 years of life by not smoking, exercise, and drink in moderation What is life? A. Def: Biology: The study of life B. Def: Life: The ability to 1) Metabolize 2) Grow 3) Respond to stimuli 4) Reproduce C. Def of death: Permanent cessation of all vital (living) functions D. Def of homeostasis: Maintaining things at a constant state All Organisms: A. Carry out metabolism B. Have ‘Receptors’- Nerves, eyes, glands, etc. C. Reproduce themselves (using DNA)
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ISB202-1 - ISB 202 01/08/08 Science comes from Latin word,...

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