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Study_Guide_for_ATOC_1060_Final - Study Guide for Final...

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Study Guide for Final Exam Chapter 12: Long-Term Climate Regulation Faint Young Sun Paradox During early parts of Earth’s history, faintness of young sun probably offset by higher concentrations of greenhouse gases CO2 dominated at first CH4 also important Produced by methanogenic bacteria Combination of CO2 and CH4 kept Earth warm until early Paleoproterozoic Era O2 increased about 2.3 BY ago Eliminated most CH4 Triggered 1 st major glaciations Since then, climate balanced by increased solar luminosity and decreased CO2 Importance of CO2 and CH4 in Archean Climate ~3.8 to 2.3 BY ago High CO2 levels not needed if CH4 abundant Abundant CH4 leads to decreased CO2 because warming results in faster silicate weathering Pink Sky During Archean O2 and N2 scatter blue light CH4 and CO2 scatter orange/red light CH4 polymerized to form higher hydrocarbons Long chains Mie scattering: scattering by particles comparable in size to wavelengths of solar radiation Mars Organic haze formed (+) feedback loop: Increased tempt Faster-growing methanogens Increased methane production Greater greenhouse effect Increased surface temps Archean climate: CO2 and CH4 levels comparable Anti-Greenhouse Effect
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Absorption of sunlight (and radiation of IR energy) by particles or gases high up in Stratosphere. Prevents sunlight from reaching surface Causes surface cooling CO2 levels actually low in Archean Caused by hydrocarbon smog (-) feedback loop: Smog cools Earth Decreased methane production Thinner smog layer Heating of Earth Increased methane production Thicker smog layer
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Study_Guide_for_ATOC_1060_Final - Study Guide for Final...

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