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cardiac cycle - Cardiac Cycle Electrocardiogram 100 Aortic...

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Unformatted text preview: Cardiac Cycle Electrocardiogram 100 Aortic ressure (mm 9) Left ventricular ressure ‘0 mm Hg) 20 lsovolumetr'rc ventricular Isovolumetric ventricula relaxation contraction Left atrial ressure 0 mm Hg) 9 ® fin/J I 311- o 135 diastolic . Lelft ventricular "' "me vo ume R d d (m') lilfinscs » Rapid filling Heart sounds Ri ht Left . ve tricle ventricle , Passive Atrial . lsovolumetric Ventricular lsovqtumetric filling durin contraction ventricular ejection ventrICular ventricular grid contraction relaxation atrial diastoie A a c o E Ventricular filling Ventricular emptying Acetate 76 (Figure 9-20) © 1993 West Publishing Company ...
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