Midterm - NPB 101, Autumn 2008.MIDTERM 1. Outline of topics...

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NPB 101, Autumn 2008.MIDTERM 1. Outline of topics you need to focus on for WINGFIELD lectures for midterm 1. Questions will come from powerpoints NPB.101.Lectures2.2008 to NPB.101.Lectures7.2008. Questions on the midterm will be multiple choice (see the example of a previous midterm exam on the course website). Note that of the 30 questions, 25 will come from the neurophysiology lectures given by Professor Wingfield and 5 will come from Professor Weidner who will lecture next week. Wingfield questions will focus on physiological function. You do not need to know the DETAILS of anatomy, just the major points. NPB.101.Lectures2 . Membrane permeability, passive diffusion, facilitated diffusion, active transport. Membrane potentials, ion channels, resting potential, graded potential, action potential. Voltage gated channels, triggering events, parts of the neuron involved (input zone, trigger zone, conducting zone, output zone). Refractory periods, contiguous and saltatory conduction. Myelination. Synapses, synaptic transmission, postsynaptic responses. Neurotransmission, neuromodulators, excitatory, inhibitory, temporal summation, spatial summation, presynaptic inhibition and facilitation. Convergence and divergence. NPB.101.Lectures3. Major subdivisions of the nervous system. Functional classes of neurons. Glial cell functions. Ventricles of brain and cerebrospinal fluid functions. Brain meninges and their functions. Functional organization of the brain. Cerebrum and its lobes, basal nuclei. Gray matter, white matter. Parietal lobe – major functions. Somatosensory cortex (sensory homunculus). Frontal lobe – major functions, primary motor cortex and the motor
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This note was uploaded on 12/23/2008 for the course NPB 101 taught by Professor Fuller,charles/goldberg,jack during the Fall '08 term at UC Davis.

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Midterm - NPB 101, Autumn 2008.MIDTERM 1. Outline of topics...

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