Homework03 - BIS101-003/Engebrecht 10/16/08 Suggested...

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BIS101-003/Engebrecht 10/16/08 Suggested problems and homework for week #3 Problems suggested for the whole class – these are not to be turned in, but are for practice/study aid. The following problems can be done after the linkage lectures: Ch. 4: in both 8 th and 9 th editions 1, 6, 11, 18, 19 The following problems are suggested for bacterial genetics: Chapter 5 in both 8 th and 9 th edition: 6, 8, 13, 23 101D assignment #3 (due beginning October23) is listed on the next page.
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following phenotypes of progeny were obtained: a + b + d 442 a b d + 435 a + b d + 12 a b + d 11 a + b d 52 a b + d + 46 a + b + d + 1 a b d 1 Total 1000 Construct a map of the genes and calculate interference. 2. Three genes of corn, R, D, and Y, lie on chromosome 9. The map of the three genes is: R D Y 10 20 a) In a testcross of a trihybrid plant RDY x rdy rdy rdy, how many RdY rdy plants would be expected in a progeny of 1000 if there was no interference? b) If interference was 0.3, how would this change your answer?
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Homework03 - BIS101-003/Engebrecht 10/16/08 Suggested...

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