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sexual predator paper

sexual predator paper - Michael Lindman paper Recently a...

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Michael Lindman 11/1/07 paper Recently, a freshman at the University of Colorado attempted to sexually assault a fellow student, but was luckily held back before any true damage could be done. Sexual predators clearly are nothing to joke about whether it is on campus or in a tightly knit community, and the laws regarding sexual predators should be stricter in the state of Colorado. In Colorado after being convicted of a sexual crime, the sexual offender must declare themselves a sexual predator in every community that he or she moves into. These laws are not harsh enough simply because of the fact that a second offense for a sexual predator is very likely given the fact that the first punishment is not stern enough. In the state of Arizona, a sexual predator not only has to declare his or herself when he or she moves into a new neighborhood, but the predator must also go door to door introducing his or herself as a sexual predator. For the safety of individuals, children especially, in every community in Colorado sexual predators should have to go door to door announcing themselves as a sexual predator.
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