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Cornell University Version 8/25/2008 Fall 2008 Economics 3610: International Trade Theory and Policy Gregory Besharov Objective : To understand the basic economic theories of international trade, the empirical evidence that supports them, and their implications for labor, environmental, and development issues Prerequisites Econ 313 (3130) Intermediate Microeconomic Theory and 314 (3140) Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory, or permission of the instructor. Texts There are two texts for the class. The first is Feenstra and Taylor’s textbook International Trade . The text website is: . (Note: The text we are using is the first half of their larger text International Economics .) The second text is a reader titled International Economics and International Economic Policy , edited by Philip and Sharmila King. Grading The grading in this course is based on weekly problem sets, a midterm examination and a final examination. There will be 12 problem sets. You may work together, but all students must turn in their
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Syllabus_International_Economics_82508 - Cornell University...

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