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Page 1 of 1 Physics 2214 Problem Set #10 (Due 11:15 am, Thursday 11/20/07) 1. YF 35.35 1. YF 35.56 2. YF 36.72 3. YF 38.10. [The electron-volt (symbol eV) is a unit of energy. See YF Sections 23.2 and 38.1. 1 eV is the magnitude of the electric potential energy change when an electron or proton moves through a potential difference of one volt, so 1 eV = e × (1 V) (1.602 × 10 –19 C)(1 J/C) = 1.602 × 10 –19 J.] 4. YF 38.51 5. YF 38.56. Do part (a) in the book, then: (b) What would be the theoretical maximum possible photocurrent, assuming that each photon in the beam ejects a photoelectron? (c) Suppose the photocurrent is actually i 0 because not every photon ejects a photoelectron— instead, each photon has a certain probability of ejecting an electron. If the power of the light beam is reduced by half, without changing anything else, what happens to the photocurrent? 6. A grating with 2500 slits and a slit spacing of 1.4 μ m is illuminated with a mixture of light with two wavelengths, 650.0 nm and 650.8 nm.
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