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Project _3 Composition with strategy assignment hand out

Project _3 Composition with strategy assignment hand out -...

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USC, FO102 Olivia Booth Project #3: “Composition Using Organizing Principles and Value (and Some Color)” Due date: multi-part assignment, 9/30, 10/2, 10/7 Objective: This assignment moves us towards more intentional design decisions. We’ll compose in a strategic fashion (which may seem contrived at first, but then begins to work with intuition), employing a new (or perhaps not) batch of terms and principles. We’ll study achromatic value and see how it plays as a major element in design (along with our building arsenal of point, line, shape, etc). Finally, we’ll analyze one another’s compositions and reinterpret them in color, as an introduction to color. Description: We began by reading up on some general terms and principles that guide 2D compositional arrangement, and demonstrated them with thumbnails in mixed media . Terms and principles: Types of compositions: grid, random,radial,linear,cluster,centralized (to name just a few) Symmetry, Asymmetry Unity- harmony and variety Balance Dominance or hierarchy...visual weight, emphasis, attention, presence
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