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Project _4 complementaries in a mongram

Project _4 complementaries in a mongram - USC FO102...

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USC, FO102 Olivia Booth Project #4: “Complementary Colors as Monogram” Due date: TBD .... 14, 16 of Oct Objective: Here we are introduced to color used in a more objective way (as compared to color in project #3) and in particular to complementary colors . Successive and simultaneous contrast demonstrate what an odd pairing complementaries are; they complete each other (and the primary triad) , they compete with one another, they could be said to destabilize and also stabilize each other, they seek one another out when paired in proximity and yet cancel one another out when mixed. We’ll begin to use color gouache, mixing complementaries from primaries , as we see from the color wheel . Our final project will be a monogram using complementary colors. Description: We began by reading in the Itten textbook, and discussing the color wheel and complementaries as Itten sees it ( and some of the pitfalls of how he sees it). We’ll do color mixing tests, messing around with how to get secondaries from primaries, and make a chart of complementary pairings, which we’ll present on letramax.
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