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Project _7 Festival Poster

Project _7 Festival Poster - USC FO102 Olivia Booth...

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USC, FO102 Olivia Booth Project #7: “Festival Poster for Radiohead, Anne de Keersmaeker and Charles Mee” Due date: TBD ( approximately week of Nov 18 th ) Objective: This is the first final assignment of two. It takes a different track from our other assignments in that you won’t be following any prescribed process but will be instead determining your own. Class time will be spent working on your respective work and doing desk critiques (more like discussions) with me and with fellow students. In the end, of course, each student will present in a final critique. Our aim is to create a poster which best expresses, communicates or represents (you decide on the verb, and this matters) the imagined festival that I have presented to you in which Radiohead’s music is played in a symphony hall, Anne de Keersmaeker’s choreography is presented in an adjacent dance hall, and Charles Mee’s play “Hotel Cassiopeia” about the artist Joseph Cornell is shown at the connected playhouse. Imagine
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