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Project _8 last assignment for natural history

Project _8 last assignment for natural history - USC FO102...

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USC, FO102 Olivia Booth Project #8: “Encounter with the Mammal Room at Natural History Museum” Due date: Dec 9 th ( TBD) Objective: This is the last assignment, and involves going across the street to the Natural History Museum (open every day and free for USC students).You have made several museum trips this class, but this is a different kind, and part of the assignment is to think about the difference between the kind of looking and critical thinking one does at this kind of museum in relation to a museum with art/design objects. The purpose of the assignment is for you to take some kind of position on what you are looking at (whether that is a critique, a commentary, an observation, it doesn’t matter) and represent your angle on it in a graphic, well-considered and analytic form. Layout and presentation are a major factor in this assignment. Robert Smithson, an artist whose work used land itself and who was highly influenced by Natural History
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