PHGY 209 CNS Lecture III Notes

PHGY 209 CNS Lecture III Notes - PHGY 209 CNS Lecture III...

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PHGY 209 CNS Lecture III Notes (sensory information) November 11, 2008 Sensation- Conciousness awareness of sensory stimulation Perception- understanding of a sensation’s meaning. We do not perceive the energy of a stimulus directly, instead, we perceive the neural activity that is produced by the sensory stimulation ( sensations and perceptions occur only after the CNS modifies or process the sensory information) We are not interested in the absolute information, but the relative values. Law of specific nerve energies- regardless of how a sensory receptor is activated, the sensation felt corresponds only to the type of stimulus that receptor responds to. (Regardless of how the receptor is stimulated, any given stimulus only give rise to one sensation) Law of projection- regardless of where in the brain you stimulate a sensory pathway, the sensation is always felt at the sensory receptor’s location ( exceptions – vision, hearing and smell). ( Part of the brain associate stimulus with certain localized receptors-, when the nerves at that part of the brain gets activated, the brain automatically assume that that receptor is activated, even though the activator may or may not exist - phantom limb pain after amputation) (action potentials from each receptor travels along unique pathways to a specific region of the CNS associated with that particular modality and body location) Receptor classes Photoreceptors- take the energy of photons and convert it to a neural activity Mechanoreceptors-respond to physical deformation – sound
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PHGY 209 CNS Lecture III Notes - PHGY 209 CNS Lecture III...

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