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Embryology Study Questions - Embryology Study Questions...

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Embryology Study Questions CLEAVAGE TO IRILAMINAR GERM DISC Wbat is cleavage? What is a morul a?. .cytotrophoNast? • . . syneitiolrophoblast? . . blastocoel? . irmer cell mass? What is the cpihlast? .hypoblast' Itmion? - . -yolk sac? . . extraen,bryonic splanchnic nlesodenn? extraembrvonic somatic niesoderm? .. .extraembrvonic coelom? What is placenta previa? - bilamiriar germ disc' What is lie primitive streak?primitivc pit? - . - Hensens (primitive) node? . - . prochordal plate? . - .cloacal plate? . . .notochord? - . intraenibryoni~ mesoderm? . . . paraxial mesoderm? . . lateral plate? . introembryonic splanchnic mesoderni? . . . intraenibryonie somatic mesodenn? - . intraenibryonic coclom? What is the neural plate? - . tube' olds? .. neurul crest? -. what does neural crest give rise to? ~~hat is a somite? .. the scicretome? .. . what does it give rise to? -. what is he dermatonie? . . what does it give risc to? - . what is the myotome? - . "hat are its major pans?. "hat does each give rise to? '~hut are the remnants ofthe notochord in the adult? What is the basis br spine bifida? ORGANOGENESIS What is the fate ofthe cctoderm?ofthe endoderm? .. .ofthe mesoderm? W~,at is the effect ofthe head fold on the orientation oldie early pericardiol ca'itv? BODY CAVIIWS. MESENTERIES AND DIAPHRAGM (Chap. 9) ~Vhat is a nlcsentery? What is the septum tratlsversum? . . - what does it become ii~ the adult? What part oithe coelom becomes the pericardial cavity? What is the pricardioperironeal canal? - . - pleuroperictudjal folds? . - .pleropcritor,eal bids? What separates the pleural canals from the peritortea! cavity' from the pericardial
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cavity? Wbat four parts contribute to the adult diaphragm? What is a congenital diaphragmacjc hernia? .. a hiatal hernia' RESPIRATORY SYSIEM (Chap II) We will not be including the development ofthe lar~nx. WImt is the la~ngotncheal groove? . larvogotracheal diverticulum' lung bud? What are the trachenesophageal fulds and Septum' latyngotracheal tube? How are the main bronchi formed? What is the relationship ofthe bronchial buds to the splanchnic mesoderm ofthe Ibrct~ut? What is the pericardioperitoneal canal? What is the origin ofthe parietal pleura? Maturation ofthe lungs What is the psuedoglandtilar period of maturation? . are the lungs functional at that stage? What is the canalicular period of maturation? What is the terminal sac period of maturation? What is surfactant?. what cells make it?. what is its function? At what age is there enough development of terminal sacs and surfactant to support life after birth? What is the alveolar period?
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Embryology Study Questions - Embryology Study Questions...

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