REL 111 Zuckerman's Paper Guide

REL 111 Zuckerman's Paper Guide - Last Update Zuckerman’s...

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Unformatted text preview: Last Update 9/8/08 Zuckerman’s Paper Guide I. Paper Logistics A. Papers should not be handed in “loose”; they should either be bound in a folder or stapled. Page numbers should always be marked. B. Papers must be typed and double-spaced; be sure to leave sufficient margins on the sides, top and bottom so that the grader has room to write marginal comments. C. All papers should have titles. A title should be interesting and relevant to the argument of the paper. “Short Paper,” “Paper Exercise 1” or “Term Paper” are not acceptable titles! D. All papers should be carefully proofread and in grammatically correct English. Papers submitted that are not up to appropriate standards in these regards will be severely penalized. E. You should be familiar with standard copy-editing/proof-reading marks. If you have doubt about the meanings of any such marks, they can be found listed in the back of most standard dictionaries. Consult your grader if you have any questions regarding how a particular mark was applied in a given instance. F. You should be sure to keep a second, hard copy of any paper you submit for grading— simply a computer file is insufficient since, as we all know, computer files can become lost or damaged at any time. Should a submitted paper be lost for whatever reason (even if it is the fault of the instructor), then a student must be able to resubmit another hard copy of the paper in a timely fashion on demand by the instructor. The excuse that the originally submitted paper was the only copy is not acceptable. Inability to resubmit another copy of your paper on demand will be judged as the equivalent of never having submitted the paper in the first place. You should keep a hard copy of your paper until you receive a graded paper back from the instructor. You should also keep any graded paper until you have confirmed that your final grade for the course is properly recorded in your university record. G. All requests to submit a paper after its due date must have the instructor’s agreement in advance. Any paper submitted after the due date without prior knowledge and agreement by the instructor risks an automatic “zero” grade. H. When you hand in your paper, even when you do so in class, be sure to get an authorized, signed and dated receipt from the instructor or teaching assistant. Make sure that whoever signs your receipt also signs and dates the front page of your paper as well. 1 This is your proof that your paper was handed in on the date when it was received. If a student later claims his or her paper was submitted at a given date but the instructor cannot find it, then the student must be able to produce his or her receipt as proof that the paper was submitted on the date so claimed. If the student cannot produce a receipt, then he or she has no grounds for claiming the paper was lost. If a paper is handed in by a student at any other time except during the class hour on the date it is due, the paper should...
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REL 111 Zuckerman's Paper Guide - Last Update Zuckerman’s...

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